5 Best Business Analytics Tools for Tracking Performance

The best business analytics tools to retrieve and report data, helping you to make strategic business decisions and improve your bottom line.

Improve Your Project Catalog Listings With New Ways

Project Catalog gives potential clients a way to search for, browse, and instantly buy the projects they need most—as already planned by you.

Building Your Go-to Team Just Got Easier

When you know one freelancer who consistently delivers, it can change how you think about getting things done. When you create a network of trusted talent, it can transform what you believe is possible.

Rewriting the Rules of Work with FreeAgent Enterprise

Business leaders are rewriting the rules of work—reimagining what the workforce looks like, where work gets done, and how an innovative approach can enhance business continuity and growth.

Get Paid for Each Task As You Complete It on FreeAgent

We already introduced recurring billing to give you greater control over how you get paid. We also added the ability to duplicate miscellaneous invoices to save you time. And now, we’re thrilled to give you the ability to get paid for tasks as you check them off your list.